You approach the counter for a Canadian butchery called Su's Finest. You look at their menu and pick out an 8oz steak with some sides and a soft drink. You converse with the cashier and pay. You step to the side with your order number and look for a table. A man in a blue suit goes to the counter of the shop and leans in to talk with the cashier. You turn away for respect and find a table.
You sit down at a small table at the far right of the court. You patiently wait for your order number to be called. While sitting, you ponder about your significant other. You think of their smile and their eyes meeting yours. You're so glad that you finally get to see them after all this time. You feel them in yur arms and you close your eyes for a moment. You think of your first date and how well it went. How much fun you two had! Oh, how you wish you could feel such joy right now! Your number gets called and you collect your meal. As you eat, you surf social media on your phone. You see your significant other posted a picture of their face. You try and think about how much you admire them, but your thoughts are jumbled. You have a thought about how unfamiliar they look now. It hasn't been that long, has it? You stop eating and feel a pain in your chest. You need to regain yourself. Or do you?

Call your significant other, you need to hear a familiar voice right now.

Brush it off. You can do this alone.