During your story, you will meet others. There are many you will meet, but these are the most important.



Blight is a boy of unknown age. He is very outgoing and charming. He keeps a light during darker situations. He is characterized as having dark, curly hair with a pale face. He wears an oversized sweater and sweatpants, both adorned with patches. He keeps a small bracelet around his wrist that glows in the dark. He is tall and lanky. He walks with confidence and cracks jokes even though he shouldn't. He has a deep sense of humor, but is also serious when he needs to be. He is very campassionate and caring fowards you. He considers you one of his closest friends. He comes from a country of which you've never heard, and speaks a language of which you've never heard. He speaks it fluently and you can understand him despite never hearing it before.


Azumi is a very shy girl of an unknown age. She is very quiet and keeps to herself. She tends to absorb dark situations rather than reject them. She is characterized as having light, short straight hair. She wears a dark stretchy hoodie and a dark skirt and knee high black socks. She holds a small locket in her hand at all times and becomes violent when asked about it. She is medium sized and is slender. She doesn't talk much and is always walking alone. She has a lively personality, but doesn't show it. She is protective of you, but only if you reflect it back. She comes from Japan, and speaks Japanese. You don't recall taking any Japanese, but can understand her.


Ahlam is a sensitive man of a young adult age. He is somewhat relaxed, but he keeps quiet and his guard is always up. He tries to avoid dark situations, but will face them if he has to. He is characterized as having dark, wavy hair with a dark face. He wears a brown business suit that is adorned with pins. He wears a wedding ring on his finger with a diamond that reflects all light blue. He is very tall and stocky. He walks with a stride and makes small talk with you. He is very charming, but also very awkward. He is very protective of you and will often ask if you're doing well. He comes from Iran, and speaks Persian. You don't know Persian but can still understand him.


Adlai is an older man. He is very wise and persistent, but knows when people are annoyed. He embraces dark situations. He is characterized by being a bald and having light complexion. His skin is plagued by vitiligo, adding to his complexion. He wears a striped jumpsuit and combat boots. He has a bobby pin suck through the lace of his right boot. He offers advice and surrealist tips to you. He is old, and cannot fend for himself well, so he relies on others. He comes form Israel, and speaks Hebrew. You can't understand Hebrew, but you know what he says anyway.